The Looking Lab x One Spark!

As you may already know, One Spark is almost 2 weeks away! And if you didn't know, One Spark is a five-day event where entrepreneurs, artists, and innovators display projects throughout 20-square-blocks in Downtown Jacksonville. Attendees are encouraged to get involved, get inspired, connect with others, and even collaborate!

So what does The Looking Lab have to do with One Spark? We will be having 3 of our revamped storefronts up: Exhibit A: Zebra Longwing, Exhibit B: Spaceshifts, and Exhibit C: LIVE/WORK during One Spark (April 9th-April 13th).

Our central location will be hosted at Exhibit C's storefront, 47 W Adams St, which officially opens during First Wednesday's ArtWalk: April 2nd from 5-9pm. Exhibit A, which opened last February, will still be up at 107 E Bay St.  Lastly, Exhibit B: Spaceshifts, which opens this Friday at 7pm, will be at City Hall (117 W Duval).

Does navigating Downtown get a little tricky for you (as it definitely does for me sometimes)? Here's a little map:

We will be giving out Walking Tour Maps (as well as directions and high fives) during One Spark because our storefronts are something you definitely don't want to miss!

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN VOLUNTEERING WITH US, PLEASE EMAIL! It's a great opportunity to get involved with The Looking Lab and One Spark's mission of brightening up our Downtown Jacksonville and making it a more welcoming, exciting place.

Are you on Instagram? If you attend any of the individual openings or are at OneSpark, take a "selfie" in front of one of the storefronts, post it to Instagram, and include the hashtag #lookinglabjax. If ya vote for us at OneSpark, register your email with us, and post to IG, you'll be registered to win a free Kindle! Also show Chamblin's Bookmine Uptown, and get 30% off!

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