Inaugural Storefront Sneak Peek

As we are gearing up for this Wednesday's official launch of The Looking Lab, here's a preview from inside our first storefront, Exhibit A: Zebra Longwing and an intro to the lovely artists, David Montgomery and Crystal Floyd.

David Montgomery, a Florida native, is a video artist and experimental animator whose focus is on patterns in nature.  Through subtle differences in these reoccurring patterns, David creates motion in his animations.

Crystal Floyd is a visual artist based out of Jacksonville, Florida and is a resident artist at CoRK Arts District.  Her work explores themes of nature and adaptive reuse, through the collection and manipulation of ephemeral materials and objects to create naturalistic and nostalgic assemblages. 

Exhibit A progress 01.JPG
Exhibit A progress 03.JPG
Exhibit A progress 14.JPG
Exhibit A progress 09.JPG
Exhibit A progress 10.JPG

The collaboration between David and Crystal is a homogeneous blend of the natural imagery found in both of their own works.  Exhibit A: Zebra Longwing will feature David's animations projected onto the butterfly and chrysalis that Crystal created.  Both during the day and at night, this installation is definitely going to be a head-turner.  February 5th is fast approaching, and we can't wait to see you at the reception for our launch!