Exhibit C: LIVE/WORK

by Sister Feathertoe

April 2-May 8 47 W. Adams Street

Special Performance times TBA

About This Exhibit:

This is a two-part site-specific performance and installation within a fully exposed downtown storefront window furnished to look like an artist’s live/work studio where the artist will live, perform and present a video installation over the course of one month. Performances will be streamed live on the web via justin.tv, and interaction at the street-level will promote a lively streetscape.

A "Before" shot of 47 W. Adams

A "Before" shot of 47 W. Adams

LIVE WORKMom.dreaming on the couch.1960.jpg

Sister Feathertoe:

"When I moved here from NYC, I was intrigued by the abundance of empty storefronts downtown. Additionally, I noticed there weren't really any artists living downtown. The creative class adds vibrance and promotes innovation. In downtown Jacksonville, where initiatives are focused on bringing people back into the urban core, artists are an important key to revitalization. This project explores the possibilities of this and asks, ‘If you build it, will they come?"

LIVE/WORK has a broader focus on community visioning with a two-fold purpose: to activate empty and unused storefronts with vibrant art, and to advocate for affordable opportunities for artists to reside where they create in Downtown Jacksonville.